Wayfinder Bundle



  • Backer T-shirt
  • 4625 Platinum
  • Backer Loading Screen Banner
  • Backer Skin
  • Backer Ward Skin
  • Backer Avatar
  • Alpha Key
  • 4 Extra Alpha Keys
  • Digital Art Poster Print
  • Digital Art Wallpaper File
  • Collector’s Edition Art Book
  • Collector’s Edition Stamped Aluminum Case
  • Collector’s Edition Figurine (10x7x7 Inch / 250x175x175 mm)
  • Collector’s Edition Box with Exclusive Art
  • Name included in future Dreambound Lore entries
  • Collector’s Edition Exclusive Backer Pinbadge
  • Work with the team to design an exclusive Avatar
  • Exclusive Custom Figurine (Select a Dreamer) (15x13x7 Inch / 375x330x175 mm)
  • Transferable All-Access pass to ALL Official Studio Wayfinder Events
  • Work with the team to design an exclusive skin for your favorite Dreamer, as well as a public version of the skin.
  • Name included in game credits


Truly, you want to dedicate yourself to making Dreambound! Receive VIP entry to any upcoming Official Studio Wayfinder in-person events, fan meets and more, and work alongside the team to design a skin for your favorite character, along with all previous tier rewards!