The Dreamer Bundle



  • Backer T-Shirt
  • 4625 Platinum
  • Backer Loading Screen Banner
  • Backer Skin
  • Backer Ward Skin
  • Backer Avatar
  • Alpha Key
  • 4 Extra Alpha Keys
  • Digital Art Poster Print
  • Digital Art Wallpaper File
  • Collector’s Edition Art Book
  • Collector’s Edition Stamped Aluminum Case
  • Collector’s Edition Figurine (10x7x7 Inch / 250x175x175 mm)
  • Collector’s Edition Box with Exclusive Art
  • Name included in future Dreambound Lore entries
  • Collector’s Edition Exclusive Backer Pinbadge
  • Work with the team to design an exclusive Avatar
  • Exclusive Custom Figurine (Select A Dreamer) (15x13x7 Inch / 375x330x175 mm)
  • Name included in game credits


You aim to form your own destiny in the creation of an Exclusive Custom Character Figurine, designed by the Wayfinder Studios team, and envisioned by you.