Gespo Bundle



  • Backer T-Shirt
  • 4625 Platinum
  • Backer Loading Screen Banner
  • Backer Skin
  • Backer Ward Skin
  • Backer Avatar
  • Alpha Key
  • 4 Extra Alpha Keys
  • Digital Art Poster Print
  • Digital Art Wallpaper File
  • Collector’s Edition Art Book
  • Collector’s Edition Stamped Aluminum Case
  • Collector’s Edition Figurine (10x7x7 Inch / 250x175x175 mm)
  • Collector’s Edition Box with Exclusive Art
  • Name included in future Dreambound Lore entries
  • Collector’s Edition Exclusive Backer Pinbadge
  • Work with the team to design an exclusive Avatar
  • Name included in game credits


Work with the team to design an in-game Avatar, receive your name or alias in future lore entries, a shiny pin-badge and all the previous tiers unlocked. Your Avatar adds special flair when you interact with other players, such as visual and voice ques in-game that they can see and hear, crafted by you.